123 Business Directory

by Nettl of Norwich Central

123 Business Directory is a UK Business Directory with a focus on helping your website and business be found online.

Why should I advertise on a UK Business Directory?

Advertising on 123 Business Directory is a great way of being found online. By advertising with 123 Business Directory allows your customers to find your contact details, your location and social media accounts. Add your free listing today!

What is a featured listing and what is included?

If you are looking for more of a web presence, then why not take advantage of our featured listing option. With a featured listing your listing will appear at the top of searches with your logo being displayed. We also go the extra mile by optimising your listing to be found online via search engines such as google and bing.

Also included is a “do follow” link to your website, which is a great way of generating more trust with google to your website therefore increasing your chances of moving up in rankings.

Your listing will permanently placed on our site as a featured listing, and will never expire.

How much is a featured listing?

A featured listing on 123 Business Directory is available for a one off fee of only £4.99. Free listings expire after 365 days and will need renewal. If these listings are not renewed then they will be removed from the directory.