The categories allow you to organise your listings, and control their display on the front of your website.

As an example, if your have a website where cars are you listings, you may want to create a category called AUDI and link it within the menu so that your users can visit the Audi category and view all of AUDI cars.

We can also use this to create different directory layouts for different categories or groups of items.
For example we can make the Audi pages show different information and have a more premium feel about them then the cheaper car models that can have a more informational crammed page layout.

If you want help in this matter, please contact your local nettl studio.


Navigate to Directory > Categories
Give you category a name and click the Add New Category button.

Nettl Directory - Add a New Category

An example of a bespoke landing page, pulling through the listings from the Directory Category Renault:

Nettl Directory - Bespoke Landing Page