To adjust what information is available to your members, head to WooCommerce > Members in your website.

Choose the Membership Plans tab, then click the Membership Plan you want to adjust.

Choose the Restrict Content tab and here you can add or remove pages, or blog posts or other types of content you want to be specially visible to these members.
Type in the page you want to hide and then click it when it shows up
If you don’t see the page showing up, it’s possible the page is a different content type such as Post.
Add a new rule with the content type you need and type again to find the content you’re looking for.

Choose Restrict Products tab to adjust the product availability to these members.

Choose Discount Rules tab to set special product discounts for the members.
Add a new rule and then type your product.
Add the discount you want to apply.

Also note it is possible your studio has set up restrictions based on blog or product categories or tags, in which case you will not need to adjust the membership restrictions to manage your access levels.