Nettl’s bespoke Datasym till integration keeps stock in sync between Datasym’s stock keeping tool Stockade.

Stockade can be connected to multiple tills in multiple locations. It allows a store owner to manage and transfer stock between the different locations. The website integration acts as another sales channel that can have stock allocated to it, or transfered from a retail location.

With the integration:
Online orders automatically lower the stock kept within Stockade.
Cancelled orders automatically add the taken stock back to Stockade.
Stock levels on the websites are automatically downloaded from Stockade every 30 minutes (or more frequently if required).
Stock levels can be also downloaded manually.
Products can be downloaded from Stockade to the website.
Products can be uploaded from the website to Stockade.

Unlike our Epos Now integration, website orders are not sent into Stockade to be completed within the till.
However, you can run a stock history report to see stock movements as a result of website orders.