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The complete business operating system for designers, printers, agencies and sign-makers, pays for itself in 24 hours

An open letter

from the CEO


Our industry is going through enormous change.

Our customers are changing. Business is moving at a faster pace than ever.

It’s relentless. Exhausting.

As graphic professionals, we see this change first-hand.

When our clients need more business, they come to us. They need our help to promote their events. To drive sales to their stores. To generate leads, enquiries and prospects.

In the past, that was offline. With print, signs and displays.

Increasingly, they’re turning online. To drive traffic to their websites and ecommerce stores. With search engine optimisation, digital marketing, social media and pay-per-click.

For more than two decades, we’ve owned and operated neighbourhood design studios. They used to be all about print. Print is still important, of course. But we’re digital-first.

We built Nettl as the go-to place for businesses. To be the local experts in every community. Helping entrepreneurs from different industries achieve what they want online.

We do this with clever systems. Automated technology. And harnessing an international network of talented people.

And now, Nettl is here in Spain. Should you care?

We partner with creatives and graphics businesses. Like you.

We up-skill teams. So you get more from your existing team.

We help you do more for your clients. The things they want to do today. And tomorrow. Because change is accelerating. We know what’s happening in other countries. It’s coming here.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about how you invest in your business. New machinery. New product lines. Make up for lost revenue. Expand into new areas. To future-proof yourself.

Business can be lonely. There’s strength in being part of something bigger. A global community of professionals like you.

Maybe it’s Nettl you were looking for. Maybe it’s what you need.

Ready to join the Nettl movement?

You’ve got nothing to lose. And everything to gain.


Peter Gunning
CEO, Nettl de España

You see, the thing about Nettl is...

We built it for ourselves

We own web design studios. We built software to make them run more effectively. We know what it's like.

You'll develop your team

The Nettl Academy has online courses on website design , UX, sales and SEO. Upskill your team, to do more.

It really is all you need

Don't waste time getting different software talking to each other. Nettl has everything you need. In the box.

Everything is very joined up

We designed the system especially for graphics professionals. For busy studios, working on lots of things at once.

Everyday tasks automated

We've cut the time stuff takes to do. Or eliminated it. Made it self-service. So you can focus on what matters.

You're no longer alone

Nettl is a global community of people like you. We have the same challenges. We help each other be better.
Nettl is developed by Grafenia plc, a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange for more than 20 years

Why be a Nettl partner?

Extend what you can sell

Maybe you already design websites. Maybe not. Maybe you sell SEO. Or not. Perhaps you've dabbled with ecommerce. Perhaps you've wanted to. Nettl Partners sell and deliver the things their clients want.

Learn from best-in-class practices

We've screwed up lots. So you don't have to. Nettl Partners get two decades of real-world experience, baked into the system. We help make it go right, more often. Automatically.

Upskill your team

Keeping up to date with technology is a challenge. It's difficult. Put your team through the Nettl Academy and teach them valuable skills in digital marketing, sales and design.

Use Nettl marketing to help you sell

Don't spend time building content. Use Nettl digital marketing, social media creative, email campaigns and how-to-guides to explain and convert browsers into buyers.

Harness the power of the network

Get access to technical support from the Nettl Geeks. Share ideas with other Nettl partners, across the world. Discuss issues with graphic professionals in a private community.

Want to see the Nettl system in action?  Get a free trial >


you’ve ever wanted,


It’s everything you’ve ever wanted,
It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of

Order control desk

Manage print jobs, signage projects, display orders and digital products together. Cut customer support requests with a self-service, private portal. Clients can track progress, reorder and download invoices by themselves.

Website project management

Create development sites for popular platforms with a couple of clicks. Share proofs, setup domains and SSL security certificates effortlessly. Discuss and resolve issues outside your skill set on The Geek Channel.

eCommerce storefront

Sell physical and digital products online, with a full-featured online store and shopping cart. Connect your bank to accept online payments for quotes, proposals and invoices, even for orders processed offline.

Graphics workflow

Set up private client portals, with online editable templates, built in Adobe InDesign. Share files and images in a customer asset store. Automatically check client-supplied files and share results while you sleep.

What's the best thing about being a Nettl partner?

Don't ask us. Let them tell you...

What’s with the Nettl brand?

We developed Nettl to be approachable.
We avoid jargon. No tech-speak.
The Nettl brand is friendly and honest.

Go big or go none

Some Nettl Partners use the Nettl brand to kit out their stores. You can use as much of the Nettl brand as you want. Or none at all. There’s no obligation to call yourself Nettl. Unless you want to.

I have my own brand, thanks very much

Indeed. And clients know you. You’re locally famous. You know the effort it takes to stay ‘front of mind’. Use Nettl’s automated marketing to keep in contact with clients. Be Nettl of your town.

Online and offline marketing

Personalise Nettl brochures, mailers, email campaigns and postcards. Hundreds of assets are available for download from the Nettl Marketing Library.

Be a proud partner

Call yourself a Nettl partner. Give clients confidence you’re part of something bigger. They might not say, but they worry about what happens to their website if you vanish.

Decorate your offices

There’s hundreds of interior decor ideas to make your office or store look Nettl cool. Download files to customise. Furniture, wallpaper, curtains.

Make the most of the Nettl website portfolio

Industry-specific designs to inspire potential customers.
Add your work to attract leads.

Frequently asked questions

The Nettl System is used by hundreds of businesses

We have Nettl partners in Australia, Belgium, England, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland and we’re now in Spain.
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