Baxters Catering

by Nettl of Petone 

Baxters Catering are a very well known and popular catering company in the Wellington region. With over 35 years experience in catering, Baxters are at the top of their game for all things hospitality.

Over the years Baxters has grown and grown, this resulted in a multitude of brands and services running under the same Baxters Catering umbrella. This become to hard to control over several websites and Hamish Murphy wanted Nettl to bring his business into a more consistent and recognisable brand.

So we built this site with that in mind, bringing all of the information from multiple sites down to one unified solution. Visitors can now browse and choose from a multiple range of services all under one roof. The user experience was of the highest priority for the design of this website and this is achieved through clear hierarchy with an emphasis on navigation.