Placemakers 90 Mile Beach Snapper Bonanza

by Nettl of Petone 

The Placemakers 90 Mile Beach Snapper Bonanza is arguably the biggest Snapper Surf Casting Competition in the world, a one species fishing competition which runs for 5 days in March on the famous Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē (90 Mile Beach), Northland New Zealand.  A ‘must do’ event for any surf-casting enthusiast or the social angler!

The team from Snapper Bonanza came to us to re-design their website with the goal of the new website to visually show that fun and atmosphere that this exciting event brings. Before the launch of this new site, registrations were done the ol’ way with phone calls, pens, paper and cheque books. Now the new Snapper Bonanza website allows participants to register and pay online… but wait, there’s more! Participants also have the ability to purchase exclusive merchandise at the checkout!