Custom Printed Vinyl Tape

Custom Printed Vinyl Tape

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Standing out in a sea of  brown boxes  can be a challenge. We have what you need! 

Catch a customers eye before they even open their order with branded packaging tape. Extra brand exposure and extra security, what's not to love?

Available in below widths and lengths:
  • 24mm x 66m 
  • 28mm x 66m
  • 72mm x 66mm
Tapes background colour available in;
  • White 
  • Clear 
  • Buff

Print up to 3 spot colours. 

Start designing from our ready-made templates:
Compare our range of Packaging products, with all the available sizes and finishing options.
You can then see the price difference between any product variation.
Upload your print-ready files when you've chosen the perfect finishing combination for your print.

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