Ok so maybe your website isn’t as embarrassing as Jackson Street Meeting Rooms, but does it work properly on your mobile? Do you need to pinch and zoom and pan and scale? If you do, then so do your visitors. And that’s awkward. It could be losing you business.

Take a look at your site now on your phone. Now look at your competitor’s. Is your site easy to navigate? Is theirs?

Why does it matter? Google are now ranking sites which work on mobile higher. So if your site doesn’t, then it could be being pushed down the rankings.

Why are your visitors arriving at your site anyway. Do they want to make a booking? Probably. Can they? Can they buy online? Can they make a reservation? If not, what’s stopping you? These days, your customers want to interact online with you. We can help you do the things your customers want to do.

Nettl now has over 25 neighbourhood web studios across the UK and Ireland. Find your nearest studio and let’s get started. Pop-in or call us to book a free consultation and we’ll talk about what you’d like to do.