The award winning franchise

is now

‘Nettl of Birmingham’ studio

Franchising with Nettl

We have evolved. Times change. The way businesses promote themselves has changed. And so the formula has evolved into Nettl. We still do printing (in a big way) and we also do all the online elements that businesses need. Beautiful websites of course, web shops to help clients sell online and maybe booking apps for their restaurant or salon.

Nettl targets local businesses which require a creative-led local service
for their online and printing needs. Clients spending anything from £1k upwards per annum fit the Nettl proposition.

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The Franchisee

The Nettl Franchisee should be an accomplished networker, great at opening doors and establishing new client relationships. Then, of course, they’ll thrive on delivering amazing websites and design – is this you?

At launch, we encourage new Franchisees to start from a serviced office and employ the services of a graphic designer, at least part time.

Once you’ve got going, we’d expect you to establish permanent premises which offer the Nettl brand prominence and a place to work that measures up to the Nettl brand’s ‘tech cool’ vibe.

Nettl ‘Geeks’ are your secret weapon. They augment what you can do in-house. They integrate sites and systems, customise, code and provide ‘fast paths’ to more technically challenging client briefs.

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Find out more

What about you? You probably have a background in sales, technology, marketing or the creative industries and are able to make an investment of circa £20k.

Come and explore the Nettl Franchise opportunity.
For more information on franchising with Nettl, call us on the number below or fill in the enquiry form.

Tel: 0800 211 8060

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