Free Marketing Resources for Local Businesses

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Being a network of local design and marketing agencies, we know how important it is for you to consistently reach out to your community of existing clients, potential customers and lost and dormant contacts. You must have branding, marketing and sales activity that communicates why you exist and how you can help your clients, old and new. In times of crisis, it’s crucial to support local and band together. This is why we’ve collated this collection of free marketing resources for your business. From free SEO training to social distancing ideas, these are some of the best free marketing tools to grow your business.

Free Marketing Resources and Planning Tools

Why share resources for free?

Gift (noun); a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

By sharing free resources, you start the foundations of relationships with others. You show how much care about your clients, you build client trust and loyalty. Give gifts to make both the receiver, and the giver, feel splendiferous. Share resources specific to your industry, to also position yourself as an expert in the field. Free resources that offer business help and add value in the long term often result in long-term brand exposure as your contact uses and reuses the resource. That might be an annual planner on their wall, or a tutorial video. Free resources are a brilliant way to share expertise, educate your clients and grow a reciprocal relationship. 

Free Digital Marketing Resources

Are you looking for business help with growing your online presence? From getting started online to sprucing your social media to climbing the search engine results page. Elevate your online presence with these free digital marketing resources.

Social Media Planning Tools

Over half of social browsers will use social media to research a product. When your potential clients go looking for you on social media, what do they find? Use these 3 free social media marketing resources to look your best on social.

  1. Free guide to Social Media Strategy
  2. Customisable Social Media Planner download
  3. Free Hootsuite Subscription for Social Scheduling

SEO Training for Your Business

WTF is SEO? Learn all about SEO, how your site is performing and how you can improve where your website ranks in search engine results with our free SEO resources. 

  1. Learn SEO with free SEO webinars
  2. Run a free SEO audit on your website
  3. Find ways to improve your own SEO today with this free guide

Stay on trend and in-the-know with Google Alerts

Looking to inform yourself about certain topic, brand or idea? Set up free Google Alerts to send you periodic emails with an overview of when that topic was mentioned online.

Free Traditional Marketing Resources

If we know one thing for certain, it’s that, in order to succeed in the long-term, you must take the best bits of tradition and quality and marry those with innovation and forward thinking. Back up your digital marketing with the best of traditional marketing to create a multi-pronged and evocative experience for your clients and potential customers. Here are some of our favourite free traditional marketing tools for your business.

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Signage Ideas to Win Local ClientsSmall Sign

This free signage guide is jam packed with ideas to help you plan the most effective and impressive signage for your business. Stand out from the crowd today.

Reach Local Audiences at Home

Use the ideas in this article to get in front of your clients and contacts. Make a gesture. Get noticed.

Downloadable Guide to Social Distancing Ideas

Whether it’s a picnic in the playground, or a desk divider in the office. We’ve all been brainstorming ways to keep our distance both at home and in the workplace. This free guide with resources, advice and free artwork was created to help you create a covid-secure environment.

Cone Sign

Support Sites to Connect with Local Businesses

The last of our free marketing resources are the Support Sites our Nettl studios around the world have created. These websites act as a directory for locals to support their friends and colleagues in the community, as well as a means to connect local businesses together. It has never been more important to stand together and stay connected. Reach out to your local Nettl to get your free listing on their Support site today to support and strengthen your community.

Use these free resources to reach more customers 

It’s incredibly important to be innovative right now, to pivot and swerve. This can be exhausting to do alone. Share the responsibility with your friends, colleagues and local businesses, like Nettl and together, we’ll thrive. For more free advice, tips and resources to grow your reach, get in touch with your local team.