Amherst Homes

by Nettl of Saffron Walden

Identity Creative were brought on to enhance Amherst Homes’ online presence, with a sharp, polished looking website crafted to showcase the wonderful work they have been doing in the local community. The website built on the foundations that had been laid before, using existing elements and colour schemes to great effect to retain the brand identity and ensure a consistent experience with existing customers and clients. New photographs were taken of the team to highlight their personal and approachable characteristics, which are now featured on the site.

In order to improve the visibility of the website, Amherst Homes tasked Identity Creative with adapting the existing content into something that would catch the attention of search engines while still retaining the tone of voice that makes Amherst Homes who they are. The result is an informative, welcoming style with major search terms prioritised.

The new site is shaped to steer users towards getting in touch, with frequent call-to-actions present, driving visitors towards enquiring about new properties. The site is easily modifiable, suiting Amherst Homes’ requirement to regularly update the properties listed as more developments become available and progress towards becoming the home of a happy local family.