Blush Bridal

by Nettl of Stamford & Bourne

Blush Bridal’s company promise is to make their customer’s experience simple yet special, whilst offering a friendly yet professional service. We wanted to reflect these values within the site, both in functionality and design. The nature of the client’s business focuses on visual impact, as a wedding boutique their distinct style is important. The clean simplicity of the design allows Blush Bridal’s beautiful products to speak for themselves. It facilitates the quality of product images and promotes the bridal collections with clarity.

To remain technologically current, the client needed a mobile friendly site to reflect the quality of their service and products across a range of digital platforms and devices. This was something that they felt their previous site didn’t achieve. Clear navigation enables online visitors to explore the variety of products available at Blush Bridal, from Bridesmaids to Accessories.