scribble for charity

This is Zac. Handsome chap isn't he?

A zebra, named Zac, yes, that is he,
But a bit more colourful, he’d like to be.

His dashing head in black and white,
Yet dapper clothes should be so bright.

You hold the power, in your hand,
Pick up a crayon, now take a stand.

Add warmth, make each page glow,
With every colour of the rainbow.

Go! Let your imagination run free,
Draw a background for our chums to see.

Upload to our website and freely share,
A vote for another’s picture shows you care.

There’s prizes for the finest work on show,
So good luck! Now let your creativity flow.

At the end of the contest, the top three most favourited will win their picture printed as a canvas, their choice of AniMask plus a £50 / €60 / $60 iTunes or toy store gift card. Plus Nettl will donate £500 / €600 / $600 to the NHS or registered charity of your choice, in your name. Upload as many pictures as you like. Closing date 1st June 2020.