What is organic Social Media?

 approx 1 minute video

Nettl Academy Social Media Session 2!

This session is the second in a new series from Nettl. Each week they’ll explore a different subject relating to Social Media.

Why go down the organic social media route?

Social media comes in two versions; paid and organic.

With organic content, people naturally share, like, and follow your content. Therefore here you leverage your existing customer base, to further help you get your brand out there to their followers. Although this might be a slower process in comparison to paid advertising, it is most definitely a very powerful one.

One of the biggest mistakes that a business owner can make is to take the dive into social media marketing with no plan and no idea of how to properly utilise these platforms – only hoping that if you just post on a couple of social sites, that customers will then miraculously pour in. I mean.. you might get lucky, but in most cases, this randomised approach leads to unrealistic goals, poor results, and a huge waste of time. Even worse, a defeatist attitude discouraging you from social media marketing completely.

You have to decide which platforms will reach your ideal target group, and what the best content is to resonate with your future customers.

To make sure that your content doesn’t just fall on deaf ears, and to increase your chances of success learn how Nettl can help you with your organic following.