What is Social Media Advertising?

 approx 1 minute video

Nettl Academy Social Media Session 3!

This session is the third in a new series from Nettl. Each week they’ll explore a different subject relating to Social Media.

Should I choose Paid Social Media Advertising?

Social media comes in two versions; paid and organic.

All the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram offer advertising opportunities.

With Social Media Advertising, you can market your brand to a selected targeted demographic if you wish.

As an example, your ideal target client could be a male, aged between 30-40 who lives in the Midlands region.

you can even further narrow it down to the interests people have, such as specific music genres.

Most Social Media platforms offer to boost people and place adverts.

Learn how Nettl can help you with your Social Media paid advertising.