Benefits of Signage to your Business

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Win new customers, increase their spend and improve your performance with signage

Store signs, vehicle graphics, building wraps. There is signage all around us, everyday. Commercial signs directly affect the way we perceive and interact with an environment.

Signage can be used to deliver a visually appealing and immersive customer experience at every stage of the sales funnel. Tap into endless opportunities like increasing brand awareness, improving customer engagement and driving efficiency in your organisation. This guide will show you the many ways you can use signage to improve your business, both inside and out.

What types of signs are there?

The beauty of signage is the sheer volume of options available. You can choose from sticky substrates like vinyl and static cling, sturdy substrates like acrylic and correx or shiny substrates like aluminium dibond. These can be used in endless combinations from shaped to stacked to illuminated.

We use signage to create beautiful indoor spaces and eye-catching outdoor displays. Share your message underwater or on the road. Stand out with floor stickers, window graphics and bespoke exhibition stands. All of these options are just the beginning of what we can achieve together.

Creating Business Signage with Nettl

We work with businesses and organisations throughout our communities to produce signs to an expert level of craftsmanship and quality. Our local signage experts are here to help you throughout the process to identify your goals, design your sign, produce and install your project.
Choose a provider who can support your whole journey by working with Nettl from start to finish. From designing to manufacturing to installing, we will support you every step of the way. Customer experience is our priority. That’s why we operate using a market leading integrated customer service software that delivers rapid quote response and a seamless project management process.
We like to keep things simple. Some of our clients are fellow-experts in the sign industry. Some get the sweats at the thoughts of pulling out a measuring tape or comparing substrates. Our team is here to help. Whether you have technical questions or prefer to keep things simple and jargon-free, we promise to work with you to help you get the best results for your goals and priorities. Learn more about how commercial signs can improve your organisation below, or chat to our sign designers and makers to create the perfect project to achieve your business goals.

Uses of signs in business

With such a variety of types, styles and applications of signs, comes a wide range of ways your business can use them. Follow our guide to win new customers, increase customer spend and improve business performance with signage.

Win New Customers

Looking to grow your client base? Maximise on the opportunities offered by signage to reach new audiences and build credibility among markets.

Win New Customers by looking like a Pro

Credibility is key to converting customers. Bring an air of professionalism to your business with a branded shop front, window graphics and internal signage. Whether you are a brand new business who’s looking to establish your presence or are running a veteran venture in need of a refresh, you can utilise signs to build your professional identity. Customers buy from people they know, like and trust. A shoddy sign (or none at all) does not fill consumers with confidence! Signage is one of the first moments at which your potential clients will interact with your brand. Whether they see your branded vehicle on the road or walk past your building, it is often through signage that potential customers begin to build an impression of your business. Make sure it’s a good one.

Switch up your Signage to Capture Attention

Is your business on the highstreet? Catch the eyes of passers-by with window vinyls, pavement signs or a new shop front sign. Your most valuable real-estate is that customer-facing-front. Make sure you put it to work!
Change aspects of your signage (like flags, window vinyls and pavement signs) frequently to prompt people to take stock of your shop. This of course comes with the caveat to maintain brand consistency as you switch your signage up! Buy a selection of vehicle magnets that you can swap, or posters for an a-board to keep your message relevant and changing. If you need help creating fresh signage while maintaining brand consistency, just let us know and we’ll guide you through.

Increase customer spend

Invest in signage to grow your customer spend. Consumers will feel more confident to spend when they trust you and your brand. Build trust and credibility with professional signage that reflects your brand and offering.

Improve Customer Experience to Increase Customer Spend

Consumers will feel more at ease and be more likely to spend more with your business if they have experienced positive interactions when they work with you. Offer an enhanced customer experience by removing barriers to trade that your clients may face. Barriers to trade come in lots of shapes and sizes. When we talk about those, we’re referring to stumbling blocks that cause hiccups in the consumer’s journey to doing business with you. These barriers can come into effect at any point as the customer comes into contact with your brand.

Improve Customer Experience with Signage

Have you ever walked into a business for the first time, with no idea where to go and fumbled around building corridors trying to find where you’re supposed to be? Signage is the solution! Beautifully branded signs remove the barrier of the unknown when customers enter your building. This could be as simple as an arrow from the car park to the main entrance, or as thorough as a whole-building way-finding project. These seemingly insignificant moments in the client’s experience can be the difference between them feeling confident and comfortable. When customers are at ease and comfortable it is easier to have more consultative conversations, share ideas and brainstorm other ways you can help them. All of these small steps lead to a big impact as customers spend more with your business.

Competitive Advantage

Another way to capture more of your customers’ spend is to become their go-to. Don’t settle for their recurring orders in one segment of your offering. Stand out among the crowd to capture orders across all your products or services.

Capture more of the market with innovative marketing. Signage is an excellent way to do just this. Because of the customisable nature of signage, the scope for doing something daring is huge. Work with your local signage provider to create a campaign to stand out, be noticed, even go viral.

Check out Corona’s recent signage campaign in which they use environmental aspects to create an interactive display that has captured attention in their local area and across the internet.

Improve Performance

The third point we’ll look at is how you can use signage to improve efficiency and performance in your business. Business signage is ever present in our organisations. We use signs to create beautiful areas and innovative marketing campaigns, but also to communicate important messages like our safety notices, informational messages and even our organisation’s values.

Signs Improve Efficiency

At Nettl, we have our own production hubs and also work with many customers who run manufacturing plants and factories. Signage is a saviour when it comes to keeping work benches, factories and manufacturing areas in great working order. Signs share safety messages, procedural reminders and help to maintain organisation in the area itself. We’ve created boards to monitor and share information regarding targeted Key-Performance-Indicators, production methods and directional signage.

Signage to Improve Internal Communication

Drive connection and communication among your team by sharing common goals, values and visions throughout the workplace. Putting it on the wall shows everyone that this message is important, communal and we’re committed to it. Using signage to share these crucial agreements you make with your employees and wider stakeholders cultivates a culture of community and accountability.

If you are trying to win new customers, increase customer spend or improve your organisation’s efficiency, talk to us today about how signage can help achieve those goals. Browse our signage range or look at some of our previous work.