Creating compelling content

How do you create great content for your site that works for both humans and search engines?

 approx 63 minute video

Creating compelling content

Nettl Academy SEO Live Event! Session 12

This session is the twelfth in a new series of live events from Nettl. This week they’ll explore how to create compelling content for search engines but also content that clients want to read.

Creating compelling content

Content is key to great SEO, search engines want great, shareable content to provide as results for searches. In session #12 the team use their experience to explore how you can create compelling content for search engines and humans.

We’ll cover hot topics such as:

  • Using keyword research to form content plans;
  • How content can help search engines;
  • How content can help customers (user intent);
  • How content relates to the marketing funnel;
  • Fresh vs. evergreen content;
  • Measuring content success;

Plus the team were on hand to answer questions. Keep an eye out for more live sessions. If you have questions in the meantime contact your local team and we’ll be delighted to help.