exhibition backdrops

Ordering a custom built exhibition stand can be pretty expensive. Especially when you consider that most exhibitions only last a few days. That’s why at Nettl we think it’s best to invest in exhibition backdrops and display stands that can be used over and over again at different events. It’s what we do when we exhibit, and we can help you build up a library of versatile exhibition stands too.

We like to start with the exhibition backdrop. This is a large, free-standing display that defines your space and sets the tone for the rest of your messaging. A well designed exhibition backdrop offers a unique branding opportunity, allowing you to prominently display your logo, slogan, or key messaging, to enhance brand visibility and recognition.

Additionally, these exhibition backdrops can be tailored to match specific themes or marketing campaigns, enabling you to effectively communicate your value proposition and stand out amidst competitors.

All of the exhibition backdrops from Nettl are 2.3m high, so you can mix and match across the range whilst retaining some consistency across the different displays. This is also the maximum height allowed by exhibition organisers for standard exhibition spaces. Any taller, and you’d need to seek special permission and pay extra fees.