Free font friday: Cloud Control

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Wow, is it Friday already?

Well that can mean only one thing. We’re giving away another font for you to use on desktop and web, completely free of charge.

By downloading the above link, you’re treating yourself to a new font in OpenType (OTF) format for use on your Mac or PC. It also includes webfonts in TTF, SVG, EOT and WOFF formats, suitable for use on your website. Before you say it, we know, we are too kind.

Cloud Control is yours to use however you like. So feel free to pop it on a leaflet, online or for your clients new company. It’s free… forever.

You lucky, lucky things. Take a look at what you’re treating yourself to.

Cloud Control free print and web font

Cloud Control free print and web font


Don’t thank us, pay it forward!

Nettl web studios


Cloud Control is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution v3.0 Licence which allows you to use it for any purpose, even commercially.