Belly Button

by Nettl of Stockport

Like many high street businesses, when coronavirus hit the UK in late March Belly Button Design was forced to close their two retails shops. Their strong customer following meant that they would be sorely missed, so asked us if it was possible to quickly add an ecommerce function to their website, and of course it was. We set to work straight away and within 10 days their online shop went live, launching with 40 products.

Their first online order came just 1 hour after the site was switched on! Since then their customers have flocked to the site, ecstatic to be able to purchase their beautiful greeting cards once again. Sales have been increasing ever since as more people sought them out online. Over the following days, we worked closely with their team to add more products, and streamline their order processing. They now have over 300 cards on the site and more are being added all the time. It’s a wonderful example of how businesses that are willing to adapt, can still thrive during the current climate.