Minster Micro Computers

by Nettl of Kidderminster

Minster Micro were a current customer of ours, so when they approached us looking for a website we were thrilled to be working with them.

We already knew the brand quite well, and all their marketing materials reflected it apart from their website. Although it was already a responsive website, it didn’t use the imagery to its advantage and there was too much content on each page. It was overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time.

We worked with the Minster team to create a bright, colourful and bold website which better reflects their brand. We carefully selected what information we felt the end-user needed to see which hugely reduced the amount of content per page, and therefore making it an easier read.

We will now continue to work with Minster Micro to ensure that their website stays up to date, and continue to offer support and advice with any questions they have.