Mother Nature Health & Herbal

by Nettl of Bourne

The client wanted her website to reflect the characteristics and principles found in holistic therapy and herbal medicine. As a specialist business with a wide range of services on offer from retail to therapies, the site needed clear navigation and structure.

Mother Nature pride themselves on their ability to offer more than herbal medicine, their health shop offers a wide range of products but also gives specialist advice in conjunction with individual customer needs, alongside the holistic therapy treatments they offer.

We created a site that has a warm inviting design to reflect the healing properties of the client’s products and services. The earthy colour scheme was chosen to harmonize with the logo we created, to give a clear image that echoes the businesses natural ethos.

Our client wanted to incorporate a blog page onto the site, as the business revolves around specialist advice and customer interaction. This element allows the client to keep the site updated and topical for visitors. The interactive nature of the business made it vital for us to create an optimised and responsive site that works beautifully across all devices, showcasing the clients brand, business, and beliefs.