What happens next?

Business is hurting. Our industry may never be the same again. We’ve seen casualties. There may be more. But this pandemic will end. Every recession resets the old order. Turnover migrates to businesses left standing.

What will clients want when we come out the other side? Nobody can be certain. Over the last few months we’ve seen clients priorities change. Sure, we’ve seen growth in Covid related products – sneeze guards, face masks and signage. But across our network clients have been increasing their digital spend. That’s likely to continue. More investment in websites, online booking and ecommerce shops. More digital marketing, more search engine optimisation and more email campaigns.

Are you ready to service your clients new needs?

Nettl helps graphics businesses like yours to be ready. We provide training, to up-skill your team, marketing, to help you win new clients and to get more out of your existing ones, software, to simplify the complicated things,  and support for when you get stuck.

We’ve made Nettl more accessible. More and more businesses are skilling up with us through our online training and group sessions. They’re getting for the recovery, staying at the forefront of their client’s minds, mastering their first web projects and selling their first SEO packages. Sign up and start doing the same, next week.