Whenever an order is placed online, the quantity of products ordered online is sent to Stockade and the stock is reduced accordingly.

1) A customer places an order online


2) The stock levels in Stockade are reduced


The stock levels are only reduced after an order is placed or made online.

If an order is rejected, the stock is returned to stockade.


Getting technical

To set up the integration, Datasym will set up something called a WebService that Nettl’s website integration can connect to.

Using this WebService, Nettl can download products from the till to the website or upload products from the website to the till. We can also sync the stock levels of products from the till.

For the connection to work we need 2 things:
1) The WebService connection to be set up

2) Products in the website to be linked to products in the till, so we can tell what stock to update.

If products are uploaded or downloaded, we will create the links automatically ensuring products are always paired.