To host a site running the WooCommerce – Epos Now integration you’ll need to install IonCube Loader on your server.
You can download IonCube Loader here:
(Recommend installing the latest version)

When this is done, let us know.

Also let us know which domains you want the plugin to be available to – include your live domain and any staging domains you want this to work on which we’ll add to the licence file.

We will send you a .zip of our integration plus a eposnow_licence.php file

  1. Place the eposnow_licence.php in your root website directory (eg /webroot/ or /htdocs/)
  2. Place the epos now plugin, unzipped in your plugin folder or install via WordPress Plugin > Add New > Uploads

You will only be able to activate the plugin if ioncube loader is installed and you have the licence in place – if not you’ll get a fatal error and the plugin will not activate.

When the plugin is activated, make sure your php CLI still runs and the plugin works.

To check the CLI php version run a command line through something like SSH or Shell action like

php -v

When the plugin is installed you can test the integration will work on your CLI version using a command like

php /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/pdc_nettl_plugin_woocommerce_eposnow/task.php

If it’s working, it should say something “Task complete”.