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Getting your business to stand out is such a crowded market can be a challenge. At Treacle Factory our aim is to help you market your business to attract new customers. More customers = more sales = sustainable growth of your business.
As you’ve landed on this page, chances are you understand the importance of getting your business found online. There are 74,000 Google searches per second providing a massive opportunity to attract relevant ones to your website. Search engine optimisation or SEO is just that – matching your site with people in your area that want your products and services. There’s no voodoo magic or mystic powers required – just some fine-tuning to your website that will help your business to be seen.
As an experienced SEO agency in Luton, we can help you make the little tweaks that will boost your rankings, increase traffic, and get you more customers. To find out how well your site is doing, trigger your free SEO Audit and see for yourself.

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