What is a Website Domain?

Website Domain – What is a domain and why your website needs one

A domain name is your website’s address on the internet. For example nettl.co.nz or google.com

A domain name is the name of the website and follows the www. in a website address or the @ symbol in an email address.

  • Company website address: www.nettl.com
  • Company email address: contact@nettl.com

When asking someone how to find you online, you always tell them your domain name. There are a large variety of domains, such as:

  • New Zealand based ones like .co.nz and .nz
  • Generic based ones like .com, .org and .net
  • International based ones like .co.uk and .com.au
  • Or quirky ones like .photography, .pizza and .clothing

With such a large selection it can be difficult to choose sometimes! So, it’s important to note that the power of domain names goes beyond their ability to serve as an address to your website.

Selecting the right domain name can have a very serious impact on your website and the success of your brand. At Nettl, we recommend our customers select a memorable domain name that can be applied multiple mediums easily, such as:

Where possible, select a domain name that you can purchase both .co.nz and .nz. Purchasing both domains acts similar like an insurance policy – preventing a possible competitor launching a website similar to yours with a similar website domain name.

At Nettl, we redirect visitors who go to www.nettl.co.nz to www.nettl.com. We can redirect domains for your business too.

How much do domain names cost? There are many businesses online to purchase domains from – all at different prices. Typically popular domains such as .co.nz or .com are more than quirky domains like .pizza

So, when it’s time to choose your own domain, pop in and see your local Nettl team to discuss memorable and relevant domains for your business website.

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