Combining SEO and Social Media

What’s the best strategy and balance when it comes to using Social Media alongside SEO?

 approx 67 minute video

Building a Community Online

Nettl Academy SEO Live Event! Session 15

This session is the fifteenth in a new series of live events from Nettl. In this session, the team spend their time talking through building an online community and why it’s an important action for your business?

Building a Community Online

Getting a community online isn’t all about social media. What should you? Who should be part of your community? Is word of mouth a thing online? In session #15 the team discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media when looking the SEO microscope. We’ll cover hot topics such as:

  • Online word of mouth – relationships and reviews;
  • Social signals and brand mentions;
  • Creating content people care about;
  • Earning an engaged audience;
  • How to earn authority and links naturally over time

Plus the team were on hand to answer questions. Keep an eye out for more live sessions. If you have questions in the meantime contact your local team and we’ll be delighted to help.