SEO 101 The Fundamentals

 approx 1 hour 20 minute video

Nettl Academy SEO Live Event! Session 2

This session is the second in a new series of live events from Nettl. Each week they’ll explore a different subject relating to SEO.

What’s it all about?

Demand for SEO has increased 4-fold. Find out why with our online educational sessions. Our SEO expert sessions are usually reserved for our existing SEO subscribers, but given the significant increase in demand for SEO, we thought it would be useful to open these up to every Nettl customer to help businesses boost their online presence.

In session #2 we explore “SEO 101, The Fundamentals and what do you need to know and understand.

We’ll cover hot topics such as:

  • Basic principles of SEO, including focusing on users, Google compliance, quality content
  • Foundational SEO – crawling, indexing, speed
  • What to avoid in SEO, including black-hat tactics, buying links, etc.
  • Local, national and international SEO

Plus the team were on hand to answer questions.