Grow your business with Nettl in 2019

3 simple tips to help grow your business in 2019

(inspired by flowers because everyone loves flowers right?)

We could learn much from flowers. To grow, big, bright and beautiful flowers need key ingredients (like water and sun) to grow. Much like in business, with the right ingredients (people, goals and plans alike) our businesses can grow into something big, bright and beautiful.

We’ve made it easy, we’ve complied 3 top tips (inspired by flowers) your business can use to grow big, bright and beautiful in 2019…

#1 Sunlight

Flowers need exposure (to sunlight to survive), business too needs exposure. In business, exposure can come in many forms. Our customers tell us the best forms of exposure for their small business is… referrals.

Referrals from existing customers or new customers (searching for a product or service like theirs online). To ensure potential customers can find you online, a responsive website is an essential ingredient for all businesses in 2019.

#2 Water

Water feeds flowers to help them grow bigger and brighter. In business, to stand out in a crowded marketplace businesses need to promote themselves bigger and brighter to complete with their competitors.

Make an exhibition of yourself! Be big, be bright and stand out in the crowd with our fabric and display products. Perfect for expos, conferences, exhibitions and trade-shows.

#3 Soil

We know every flower needs quality soil. Every business needs a quality print. From business cards to leave your details with connections, leaflets to tell people about your services or products or signage to tell people your location. Nettl has a large range of soil, woops sorry! I’d mean’t to say print solutions all at affordable prices and with guaranteed turnarounds.

Pop into one of your local Nettl studios and they’ll discuss with you creative ways print can help market your business offline (because we aren’t always online, well I can’t speak on behalf of those young millennial’s!).

Find your nearest potting shed and meet with your green-fingered Nettl horticulturalists who are well soiled to help your business grow.