Commercial Executive

Commercial Executive

Nettl, who?

Hello. We’re Nettl. We are Europe’s largest network of web, design and print studios. We own and operate Nettl studios across the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Our studios help businesses with all the things they need. Websites, e-commerce, SEO, display, branding, graphic design and fancy printing.

We’ve built a network of partners. We’ve got loads now. Our partners are existing graphics led businesses. Some are printers. Some are web designers. Some are other things. They ‘bolt-on’ our business system, and brand, to become Nettl partners. 

Our partners pay us a license fee and then use our software to run their business, our marketing to win new clients, our training programs to up-skill their team. We work with them to make them the full ‘go-to’ service agency in their town.  

We’ve grown pretty quickly and continue to do so. But we want more. Lots more. That’s where you come in. 

The role

You’ll work with the commercial team to help grow our partner network. You’ll spend some of your time identifying businesses that would make good partners. Running exciting marketing campaigns, online and offline. As well as attending webinars and speaking at events online and offline. You’ll have ideas to generate leads. You’ll arrange to meet people via video call or in person. Different people. Some funny. Some serious. You’ll learn to identify their problems and be able to position Nettl as the solution. And it will feel great when you close the deal. It’s good to help people grow their business. 

Let’s talk about you

• You know how sales works 

Identifying targets, building and managing a pipeline of potential partners from nothing to everything is the sort of thing that makes you happy. 

• Your brain is like a sponge

There is a lot to learn to become an expert in Nettl’s brand, systems and solutions. We don’t want to push it all in if it means something important in there gets pushed out. 

• You’re a master of lead generation

Generating leads through marketing, sales calls, exhibitions and networking is a big thing. You’ve been there before. Bought the t-shirt. 

• You’re brave

Those meetings don’t make themselves. You’ll need to do that. And not be scared of it. Things don’t pioneer themselves either. You’ll be trying new things that might be out of your comfort zone. Make sure your zone is big. 

• You’re tech savvy

You’ll want to become a master of the Nettl software tools, so you can show others how great they are. If you’re still operating a spectrum 48k as your main device, or you think Wordpress is something that irons your trousers, then move along. Nothing to see here.

• You’re good at relationships

You’ll need to build them quickly. It helps if you’re likeable as well as credible.

• You’re confident

Pitching to people, standing in front of groups, holding meetings and running demos is a big part of this. You can do all that with your eyes closed. 

• You’re quick on your feet

Different people have different hooks. You have to find the thing that hooks them and tweak your process to fit that. Robotic approaches usually fail. 

• You’re a convincer

You’re able to influence people. You have great persuasive skills and people want to follow you. You’re awesome commercial acumen means that you’re hot to trot at closing profitable deals.

• You know a bit about franchising

We don’t like that ‘F’ word, (we don’t mind the other ‘F’ word’ though). Knowing about network businesses, partnerships or franchising would help you to get a faster start. But it’s ok if you don’t. 

• You’re driven

You know what it takes to succeed and that nothing good is easy. You’ll have to work hard to help us build the largest network of web, print and display studios in the world. But the rewards will be worth it and the right person will have an envious career path ahead of them.

How we help

We’ll provide you with full training and loads of marketing. You’ll be supported directly by our Commercial Director and senior management team but you’ll have the appetite to hit the ground running. At full speed.

We’ll pay you a competitive starting salary of €28k-€32k depending on experience. With OTE, bonus and benefits. 

We’ll pay your travel expenses where appropriate.

We’ll give you access to a Macbook and an iPhone.


Send your details, CV and a short note telling us why you’re the right person.