Learn what this Social Media thing is all about.

Social media marketing has become crucial for all types of businesses and brands. Research by Report Linker predicts that the market is expected to reach $833.50 billion in 2026. Social media marketing has now overtaken traditional methods of marketing. This transparent, two-way relationship is what is now expected from billions of consumers around the world from businesses and brands where they are spending their time and money.

Opposed to what many may believe, social media is more than just the number of followers you have on your social media page, as an indicator of authority or success. Rather many businesses take a customer-first approach in their content, building niche communities. Whilst direct selling does have a place within social media it is not the focused direction many businesses choose to take.

Social media allows for brands to target their advertising based on consumers’ online social behaviours, their geographic location, and the demographic they want to reach.

With so many social media options available having your brand represented in a professional, concise and consistent way is so important in today’s world. Whether you are running a campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin. It is important the messaging stays consistent within each channel you use and your own brand.

With a professional Nettl Social Media Package your social media will;

  • Be monitored,
  • Have strategy,
  • Be professional,
  • and engaged with your audience.

What is Social Media Management?

Nettl Academy Social Media – Session 1