Grow your business with Nettl in 2019

We could learn much from flowers. To grow, big, bright and beautiful flowers need key ingredients (like water and sun) to grow. Much like in business, with the right ingredients (people, goals and plans alike) our businesses can grow into something big, bright and beautiful.
We’ve made it easy, we’ve complied 3 top tips (inspired by flowers) your business can use to grow big, bright and beautiful in 2019…

Business Christmas Adventure

Are you thinking “how on earth this relates to my business?”
Perfect, that’s the reaction we were hoping for! Let us show you the five concepts (that make advent calendars successful) that you can use in your business…

What is a website

Thousands of potential customers are searching online for businesses just like yours – and without a website, they won’t find you.

Nettl Christmas header, green overlay pine trees with christmas illustrations

Why even worry about Christmas corporate gifts for customers? Do they matter? Why should we, as business owners and managers go out of our way to give gifts to clients? Here are 5 reasons why it’s a worthwhile investment…

Is your website secure?

Historically, it was always important (and in some cases a requirement) for e-commerce websites to have an SSL Certificate. The importance was to protect customers credit card information and help search rankings.

Now-a-days we turn to the internet more and more; to find a business, research a product, read reviews, buy, sell, just about everything. So it’s not surprising really, that online security has become a necessity for Google.

2016 has been a huge year for digital marketing. If you’re in business in the NZ – you can no longer afford to ignore online. In 2017, you may be taking your first steps to getting your business online or be ready to upgrade your site to take advantage of the shift to mobile in online sales.