Paws Inc Vet Clinic & Cat Hotel

by Nettl of Bournemouth consisted of three main areas Paws in Dawes, Paws on the Green and The Pawchester cat hotel website, one of which had closed but was still online. Each section of the site had it’s own convoluted menu system. It was complicated and left the user stranded in each section.

One of the main issues with the original website was the lack of good photography. We organised for a photographer to visit the vet practice in Fulham and take some professional images of the staff, the various areas in the practice and the Pawchester cat hotel. As you can see this has made a huge difference to the final look and feel of the new site. We can’t emphasise enough the need for good photography when creating a new business website.

We took the old content and restructured the entire site, combining content where appropriate and removing unnecessary pages. We added a booking and reservations plugin to show the various types of accommodation available within the cat hotel website section.