Anna McNuff

by Nettl of Gloucester

Anna McNuff approached Nettl of Gloucester & Cheltenham for a fresh new website to promote her achievments and to assist in her ‘Barefoot Britain Run’, running across Britain bare foot.

She wanted the website to image led and to display all the run stages with date information, images and location as well as the ability to sign up and join her on her specific stages.

We designed a fully bespoke, multi page website for Anna. Using a contrast of colours, we made it bright & bold with hover effects and transitions – keeping with her fun nature.

We created bespoke blog pages for each of her adventures and a custom calendar for her run stages with images, dates & location. It also had a sign up button which integrated with her Mailchimp software – each stage was linked to a specific mailchimp form.

We integrated Social Media feeds into the website to display regular updates.