JS Optical

by Nettl of Kidderminster

Nettl of Kidderminster embarked on an innovative project with JS Optical, a prominent local optical manufacturing company renowned for their advanced capabilities and extensive product offerings. JS Optical’s specialisation in freeform lenses, online web ordering, remote edging facility, bespoke rimless manufacturing, and sports wrap glazing sets them apart in the industry. With a wide range of designer frames and lenses from brands like JVG, Mexx, OWP, and Planet Pop, JS Optical needed a robust online presence that showcased their comprehensive services and diverse product range.

In 2024, Nettl of Kidderminster took on the challenge of transforming JS Optical’s website into a sophisticated e-commerce platform. The new website features a modern and intuitive interface, allowing visitors to browse and purchase JVG and JS Essential eyewear with ease.

The partnership between Nettl of Kidderminster and JS Optical has resulted in a transformative digital presence that elevates their online visibility and enhances customer engagement. The newly launched e-commerce website not only facilitates convenient shopping experiences but also reinforces JS Optical’s position as a forward-thinking provider of premium eyewear solutions.