Julie The Cat Sitter

by Nettl of Stockport

Nettl of Stockport is a website design company in Stockport that specialises in creating bespoke websites for a wide range of clients. Recently, we had the pleasure of designing and building a one-page website for a local cat sitter named ‘Julie The Cat Sitter.’ Our goal was to create an eye-catching, user-friendly and easy-to-navigate site that would provide all the necessary information about Julie’s services and help her attract more clients.

To begin the process, we sat down with Julie to discuss her business goals, target audience, and preferences for the design of her site. She expressed that she wanted a site that was simple, easy to use, and showcased her love for cats. With this in mind, we created a layout that prominently displayed her logo and brand colours, pictures of cute cats, and a brief introduction to her services.

We also included a section where potential clients could easily see the services she offers, as well as pricing information, as well as a section for the latest reviews. Additionally, we created a simple contact form that clients could fill out to request Julie’s services. We made sure the form was easy to fill out and included all the necessary information Julie needed to provide her services.

Once we had the site designed and built, we helped Julie set up her email account and business pages on social media platforms. We provided her with tips on how to create engaging content and interact with potential clients on these platforms.

Overall, Julie was thrilled with her new website, and we are proud to have helped her improve her online presence. At Nettl of Stockport, we believe that every business deserves a unique website that showcases their brand and values. Our team is dedicated to working closely with our clients to design and build sites that accurately represent their businesses and help them succeed.