Thinking of You Week

by Nettl of Stockport

The Thinking Of You Week has had an overhaul recently as the original site we created back in 2016 was now looking dated. We worked with popular Greeting Card publisher Paper Salad to come up with a new look and feel. As we implemented the fun new design they created, the coronavirus epidemic hit.
The Greeting Card industry needed a way to promote the message that Greeting Cards were highly effective at bridging the gap that social distancing brings. Physical separation became imperative but led to social isolation. Greeting Cards quickly became a way to re-establish social connection, and we updated the Thinking Of You Week site to promote this message. The addition of a custom-built gallery allowed publishers in the industry to showcase their cards as well as creating a new avenue for SEO links.
In parallel with the UK’s Thinking of You week site, we also updated the US site too, promoting the same message. We also created a dedicated covid-19 page for US based publishers on how to get through the lockdown.